About Me

Hello, I am Grady Winston. I am a Midwestern man at heart with a passion for art, music, and the strange contraption known as the internet machine. I am a freelance copywriter among other things, but my main focus is providing superior content to various websites, magazines, newspapers, blogs, publications in general and organizations. I've worked for the past several years in the fields of advertising and business, but currently I write along with website development. 

When I copy write I like to cover my passions, which to be honest can cover a broad range of topics. For the most part though they encompass environmental issues, business and technology, spattered with the occasional art and music here and there. 

Typically I am contracted out by websites in need of content but I also guest blog for various other organizations to stay sharp. This is a venue for me to reference those articles all in one place (a portfolio of sorts). Enjoy.

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