Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Get Real, Get Big, Get Real Big With Chicago

"So you don’t know what to do in Chicago? Your scout troop canceled on you? The business convention got postponed? Your fiancĂ©e bolted and the tickets to Chicago were non-refundable? You’re luckier than you could have imagined. Most tour guide articles are either generically applicable to any of the above three situations or written for German men in their 20s with an interest in Klimt and microbrews specifically.
However, because Chicago offers world-class architecture, art, food and accommodations, you can explore more than a bit of a given subject while leaving your evenings free for explorations into the nightlife or restaurants that your daytime companions will undoubtedly recommend. Even more, being so earnestly a Midwestern city means Chicago’s residents actually act as though they have a responsibility to ensure that you have an enjoyable stay. Free tours and other social forays are all available to you with just a wee bit of pre-planning."


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