Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Digital Sheep - Grazing On The Internet

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Are you a digital leader, creating useful and engaging art and content, or simply a follower?
Personally, being called a sheep is a major insult. Essentially it means that one is a follower and incapable of making creative decisions, which really gets my goat (pun intended). It's so much easier to take information that is already provided to you than it is to create your own, and with the wave of information being thrown at internet users it's never been easier, or more difficult depending on your point of view, to simply accept the path one is on. For innovation in any realm to occur it is paramount to break through that barrier of complacence and push into unknown areas, even if that means taking the time to edit a photograph or comment on a blog post. 

"With the Internet and social media providing instant satisfaction and entertainment, it’s very easy to get caught up in consuming an absurd amount of information. Instead of being spoon fed commercials and media from a handful of television channels, now it is coming from everywhere and directly to your person at all times. Though people still have the freedom to comment and believe what they will, the vast majority of internet users have simply evolved into digital sheep devouring content constantly.
In the modern age, digital sheep are information technology users (more specifically, Internet users) who are happy and satisfied to “graze” off the vast information fields available on the web. In other words, they’re just consumers, not bothering to produce anything—but more importantly, are unaware of the potential consequences of their attitude and behavior."
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