Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Green Mountain State Just Got a Little Greener with Eagle Creek’s New Hydroelectric Facilities

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New hydroelectric facilities in Vermont will provide green energy for the state.
Green energy is the way of the future, though it will be a long time coming. Completely sustainable energy sources such as wind, solar, and hydro only accounts for roughly 14 percent of the United State's energy usage. While we will need to continue to use older and less environmentally friendly forms of energy generation, strides made towards renewable sources of power are crucial for the benefit of the planet. Eagle Creek Renewable Energy, LLC is doing just that, pushing forward with hydroelectric technology.

Putting the “green” back in the Green Mountain State, Vermont’s Eagle Creek Renewable Energy, LLC recently acquired the development rights for two hydroelectric facilities from Blue Heron Hydro, LLC. This acquisition marks the first pure development project for Eagle Creek, and is scheduled to be built on Army Corps of Engineers dams in southern Vermont. Although the project represents a major step for the company in terms of fostering growth and opportunity, it also indicates the advancement of environmentally friendly facilities and an increase in general public awareness of energy conservation on a large scale.


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