Thursday, September 20, 2012

Design Tips and Practice for Non-Smartphone Mobile Hardware (which still exist)

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Feature phones still take up a major portion of global cell markets, you'd be foolish to overlook them.

Feature phones kind of get swept under the rug due to the hype and complexity of up and coming smartphones. Compute hardware, power, and speed in a cell phone simply overshadows outdated technology. However, that's not to say that feature phones don't deserve to have a place in tech relevance today; in fact they hold a major portion of the global market and most definitely do. Cheaper, simpler, and more importantly cheaper means a lot to people, which is why developers are still working with feature phones to connect with millions of users.

"Breaking news: there’s an alternative to smartphones. It’s called a feature phone. You may remember them. They existed long before Android, iOS, Windows Phones and even BlackBerry. If you’ve been paying attention, which most people haven’t, you’ll notice they make up a huge portion of the global market. In fact, they’re very much alive and well.
Most developers completely overlook the feature phone market entirely, ignoring a massive market segment. In other words, there’s plenty of money to make with mass-market phones."


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