Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Nasty Competition: iPhone vs. Android

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iPhone (i.e. Apple) and Android (i.e. Google), aren't fighting fair anymore in the smartphone arena.

Since the latest legal battle between Apple and Samsung, the American tech giant has placed a firm grasp on its future dominance of the industry. That's not to say though that Google is willing to give up. With the backing of the web giant's online platform, Android is still staying in the fight for worldwide smartphone relevance. However, both parties have begun to isolate their own unique attributes and cut off the competitors options on their platforms. Youtube will shortly be removed from Apple, as well as Google maps, among a long list of recent attacks. While on the outside both companies appear to be keeping it above the belt, Apple and Google are starting to fight dirty over smartphone control. 
"iPhone versus Android. The choice between the two smartphone platforms is as contentious as the battle between being a Mac or PC person. However, thanks to the war emerging between Apple and Google, the battle is not just heated — it’s just plain nasty.
It’s no secret Apple was displeased when Google entered the smartphone arena with army of Android phones and an app market, recently rebranded as Google Play. However, it shouldn’t have been a shock either."
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