Thursday, December 6, 2012

Why Fragmentation Is Great For Android Developers And Users

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Think the fragmented Android platform is a hindrance? That is why you fail.

There have been plenty of complaints about how fragmented Android's platform and operating system is, which heavily depends on the hardware providers unveiling updates and software versions. However, looking at a problem and simply letting it get the best of you is how individuals fail in enterprise. I prefer to view challenges as major opportunities, turning shortcomings into major successes. The segmented Android system can stop you in your tracks, but only if you let it. 
"It would be bad form to delve into the world of Android fragmentation wearing a pair of rose-colored glasses, but also don’t overlook the upsides to the OS’s segmentation.

On some levels, the segmented nature of the Android OS is a pain for developers and smartphone users. But there are truly great aspects of segmentation that affect users in a positive way, and there are some upsides for Android developers too."

Read the full article on Tech Republic


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