Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Growth And Prominence Of The Social Media Generation

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Children born from today forward will never know a world without smartphones or the internet.
When I was growing up, if you tried to explain to me what an 8 track player was, or a laser disk even, I would have probably laughed. The mere thought of it to me was hilarious; "A ridiculously large CD? Why would anyone buy that?" as I shoved my floppy disk into a desktop computer running Windows 95 (top of the line). These days the same mentality holds true. Dial up? AIM? Do you mean IM? Children born from today forward will no nothing of the pre-smartphone era, where social updates didn't occur every second and getting online meant kicking your sister off the home phone. It's astonishing how time flies, and yet what does that mean about this group of youngsters? Their mentality will be entirely different from the older generation, so how can we influence and connect with Millenials who see social media as common and even passe?

"The Internet continues to revolutionize modern life in a host of ways. Those who adapted to it as it grew and developed remember different times and ways of communication than many of today’s youth ever will. The most recent generation will grow up never knowing a time without smartphones, Netflix and Wi-Fi. While these digital natives are intimidating and hard to pin down, they will become the key to marketing for years to come. After all, without the Millennials, we wouldn’t have the all-encompassing term “social media” or the need to conduct social media marketing campaigns."

Read the full article on We Are Social People


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