Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Utilizing Localized Internet Targeting For Your Small Business

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Small means agile, and using localized internet targeting can help with your business plan.
The big business push has come and gone, and now small businesses are returning to glory. Major corporations may have cheaper prices, but with that comes lower quality products that apply to a general populace of consumers. Small businesses have the advantage of remaining local and highly specialized, but a major set back is having to operate with higher costs compared to larger competitors. In the digital age knowledge is power, and connecting with your customers online can be simple for big businesses on a national scale, or a small local shop looking for customers in a focused area. It's all about knowing how to reach the right people. 

"Over the past few decades, American consumers have become very comfortable with big box stores. These are the Wal-Marts of the world, the one-stop shops that promise low prices, consistently stocked shelves and a sense of familiarity from one store to the next. This mentality has somehow managed to find its way into every aspect of American life -- we have chain restaurants, big breweries and even massive websites that dominate retail. Recently, however, there has been a big push for supporting local businesses. Somewhere along the way, consumers began to value the offerings of smaller, more focused retailers and the local economy has begun to recover from the invasion of the retail giant. What happened? Why the sudden shift? It would seem there's a major problem when it comes to the big box model and local businesses are finally finding solutions to help them compete again."

Read the full article on Business 2 Community


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