Thursday, January 3, 2013

What Do You Want Your Website Visitors To Do?

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Do your visitors know what your site does, and then how do you convince them to convert?
If you are doing digital marketing right, then you are reaching the right audience online and effectively drawing them into your website. Great. Now that they are here though, how do you effectively portray your message and generate a lead? Is there a clear path for a visitor to take in order to go through the full process of realization of need, research, consideration and purchase? The conversion process is much more in depth than simply throwing the price of a product online and needs to be thought out carefully to maximize your outlets on the web. 

"Websites cannot remain static and effective at achieving high conversions. It's an either-or decision. Every company should answer the question: What do you want your site visitors to do? Your answer determines your conversion goals. Are you missing out on potential micro conversions by focusing too much on the macro level? Are you only tracking one macro conversion funnel?

You should concentrate on one overriding objective: Relevancy. Ask yourself if you're sending the right message to the right person at the right time? Converting your audience may require a combination of new calls to action, upgraded content and a new user interface. Your choice depends on how relevant it is to your audience."

Read the full article on Business Computing World


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