Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Atlas Chugged: How GPS Tracking and Mapping Can Help You Save Tons of Money in Gas

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Let's face it, electric cars just have not caught on yet. The charging stations are easier to build on your own than to find just sitting in any random parking lot or gas station. It's reality that transportation options via burning fossil fuels are still here to stay, but that doesn't necessarily mean that all is lost in the way of benefiting the environment. Past walking everywhere or riding a bike, there are methods to maximize the efficiency of your car. Driving with the windows up can decrease drag and increase fuel efficiency, reaching an optimal speed will help as well, and you can actually use your GPS device to find eco-friendly routes. Find out more:

"The constant need to fuel your car and the emissions that doing so releases into the air can be incredibly frustrating for motorists, and more so, those that are eco-conscious. With the focus slowly shifting towards zero emission cars, there is hope on the horizon for those of us sinking significant portions of our paychecks and social conscience straight into the gas tank. The truth is, however, not every one can afford to buy a new fuel-efficient automobile, and if we can, the payout or reimbursement certainly isn't immediate. For the time being, there is one prime option that those of us looking to help our wallet and the environment can take. That option is a three-letter acronym that most of us use, not in terms of less fuel usage, but for getting somewhere on the fastest way possible. Although it might not be via the fastest route, as it turns out, your GPS may just help you use less gas in your travels."



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