Monday, August 27, 2012

Four Android development platforms that will change your life

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4 development platforms for Android that are user friendly and allow for some unique features.

Flashy upgrades and constant hype seems to keep Apple at the center of the public's intrigue when it comes to mobile technology. Yet a very large portion of the technology and use of mobile phones today goes through the Android system. For those looking to access this market and dive into application development, I've found four platforms to help you through your transition and create a stellar application."
"Android attracts some of the most talented developers around, thanks to the continued growth of Google Play. In addition, the environment’s open nature makes it a welcome haven for developers seeking refuge from the Apple App Store’s strict guidelines, and a lack of any real approval process in Google Play makes investing time and money into developing an Android app a much less risky venture.
But with all the attractive qualities Google Play offers to anyone in the mobile development game, there are hurdles standing between developers and a smash-hit app. Android is notoriously fragmented when it comes to hardware, and many manufacturers have their own proprietary modifications of Android (HTC Sense comes to mind)."


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