Thursday, September 13, 2012

Body Weight Exercises to Keep you Trimmed and Toned

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You don't need a gym or a set of weights to stay fit and healthy.
Gyms scare a lot of people, mostly due to the juiced up meat heads cruising the floor and maxing out their weight on every machine. It's hard for the average Joe to go in there and do more reps, less weight with a former football player working two or three times as much. If you're one of these people then it's very easy to get down into a routine of avoiding exercise which is simply inexcusable. In order to maintain a healthy lifestyle people need to balance proper diet and exercise. The organic food craze has people making the right food choices, but you still cannot neglect the other half of the equation. Building muscle and getting a cardio workout can be done easily with the right attitude, and doesn't necessarily need to be done in the gym. Here are some exercises that utilize the weight of your own body to push yourself physically and burn some calories. 

"We’re careful to eat locally grown, organic foods. We recycle and try to live by sustainable practices, leaving as small a carbon footprint as possible. Then, why are we content to become out-of-shape and overweight? Isn’t it just as green as all the other aspects of your lifestyle to maintain your body in the optimal degree of health, strength, and flexibility for which you were designed?"

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