Thursday, September 6, 2012

Global Warming Contributes to the Adaptation and Spread of Deadly Fungus

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The residual effects of global warming are occurring on a much much much smaller scale
When people think of global warming, their minds immediately jump to a picture of the ozone disintegrating and the polar bears slowly dying off. Those these effects are certainly caused by global warming, they're a mere fraction of all the residual effects that the phenomenon is having on our planet. Life as we know it is slowly being molded and adapted to the new weather patterns, some of which are more frightening than others.

"Up-and-coming scientists, particularly those holding an environmental biology degree, are becoming increasingly familiar with the workings of Earth’s complex atmosphere. And they’re discovering mounting evidence that the life forms on the planet are symbiotically related to the environmental safety net that surrounds it. What is also becoming apparent is that smaller life forms have a biological advantage when it comes to adapting to climate and temperature changes. An alarming new study found that fungus adjusted to the sudden change in temperature nearly ten times faster than frogs, possibly spelling danger for frogs and other creatures as the planet continues to warm."

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