Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Mobile Business: Pay Through Your Phone

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Mobile business goes smart with multiple companies creating technology to charge through your smartphone.
The development turning cell phones into portable banks and cash registers has altered the small business landscape forever. The perfect example is the recent food truck boom in the United States. Having a mobile business (literally) complicates things on multiple levels, but simply being able to shoot your payments into the cloud via a handheld device allows the focus to remain on customer service. As a result, food trucks have exploded everywhere, even in third tier markets like Indianapolis. Think of all the possibilities this can mean for your business, whether it's in the back of a truck, someone's front yard, or a market? 

"Smartphones have already eased many burdens and helped make life easier for connected users on the go. However, smartphones aren’t done transforming our lives just yet. Mobile application development is constantly pushing the limits of what smartphones are capable of and what they are used for. Smartphones are replacing all sorts of other devices, such as cameras, calculators and compasses, and are now set to fill new roles as cash registers, making it easier than ever before for businesses to collect payment for products and services.

For many small businesses, the cost of using card swipe machines and traditional cash registers can be expensive and isn’t always the greenest way to run a business. With advances in smartphone technologies, however, businesses can use phones as if they were cash registers with card swipe devices that attach to phones and simple applications that are easy to use."

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